We have the best gadgets and devices to keep you safe. FIRE Fighting equipment, High capacity generators, Earthquake alarm, CCTV Cameras and barbed wire fencing on the boundary wall speak of the sense of concern towards unforeseen hazards & a Carefree atmosphere.


HIBS will provide such a learning environment with the profession. Preparation through the pedagogical process for those who are wishing to enter the profession of teaching. HIBS provides professional ethics innovations with personality grooming so that they may prepare themselves for challenges of education in the present Scenario.


Library cum reading room having a sufficient number of books, newspapers, research journals, magazines and periodicals. The college has plans to fully automate the library. A cyber Library will be created by putting all available material on line and establishing links with other libraries over the net.


The Bachelor of Education programme, generally known as B.Ed., is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary or middle level (classes VI-VIII), secondary level (classes IX-X) and senior secondary level (classes XI-XII). Duration – 2 Years and Working Days – 200 each year.


Science & Maths Resource centre furnished with complete latest apparatus and experimental setups help students to perform experiments. The Science lab aims at developing scientific aptitude & self-learning skills, whereas the maths lab makes the subject easier to learn.


A Bachelor of Commerce is a 3 years degree in Business (or commerce) and related subjects. The B.Com. degree designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time, builds competence in a particular area of business studies.


The Management believes that a competent faculty is the hallmark of an Institution. All the faculty members are, therefore, chosen on the basis of educational merit and academic brilliance so that they will be able to impart knowledge with dedication and dynamism born out of genuine interest in teaching. There are a sufficient number of lecture rooms, seminar room, Principal office, Staffroom, Admin Block, visitor’s room, girls’s common room multipurpose hall, language lab, art & craft resource centre, health & physical resource centre all connected by spacious corridors and under CCTV surveillance.


It is the backbone of any college. A full-fledged network of the latest version of computers, monitors & printers presents an impressive picture of the utility & efficiency of the centre. It is equipped with a WI-FI internet facility, audio visual facilities like overhead projector, digital camera, LCD projector and sound system etc. to make students acquainted with the new innovation & technological advancement in IT. Students as well as teachers use the ICT resource centre to make their lecture and presentation impressive and easy to grasp.


Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any professional, in his/her career, be it in education, industry or otherwise. A teacher may be having excellent knowledge of his/her subject but it becomes uneasy for the students to follow him/her if his/her communication is not fluent and correct. Heritage International Business school has taken due consideration of this part of B.Ed. and with the advent of electronic gadgets, HIBS has introduced the latest MULTIMEDIA HI-TECH LANGUAGE LAB. The main feature of this system is that the teacher is in direct communication with 10 students and vice versa. A student can listen to his/her own speech along with the teacher.


Education is a check from the present to the future generation. HIBS Faculty members believe not only in guiding the students but they fully support & encourage them to achieve academic excellence and good conduct during classrooms sessions, examinations and activities and sending comprehensive reports with comments to parents and guardians. HIBS expects guardians to respond as and when necessary if the reports are not satisfactory, faculty members will try to get to the root of the problem and help them approach academic excellence and do better in class rooms,


The centre is equipped with numerous standardized tests, & apparatus. Students are guided on the usage and practical applicability of the tests and concepts in theory.