HIBS was established with the following AlMS & 0BJECTIVES:
1. To provide professional Qualifications for the upcoming citizens of the country who after completing education need sincere guidance for opting for the future path of their lives.
2. To provide professional and practical training in various fields especially computer science management and teaching etc.
3. To provide leadership in various spheres of life to the students.
4. To develop the habit of regularity, punctuality and orderliness in the students.
5. To develop and provide a competency-based programme of teacher education for the schools.
6. To prepare quality teachers for different school subjects.
7. To undertake pilot studies, action research and other research projects for improving the standard of teaching and learning in secondary schools.
8. To develop commitment and a professional mindset, reflecting a secure self-image, to enrich the skills of students for success in the world through effective implementation of high-quality professional education.
9. To provide in-service programmes and field experience for the teachers in 5 practicing schools.